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Working Process

Karmashree – best interior designer in Kolkata. With a clear and defined process, the brand manages all project stages following the four Ds. Clients get a clear understanding from the start by receiving a detailed written proposal that specifies the project deliverables, milestones, materials and cost.

Step 1

Meet, Design & Consultation

Step 2

Planing, Idea & Concept Share

Step 3

2D Floor Plan & Furniture Layout

Step 4

3D Design & Material Selection

Step 5

Budget - Estimation & Agreement & Legal Process

Step 6

Execute the Property, Final Touch & Handover

Working Process

Living Room

False Ceiling

Modular Kitchen

Bed Room

Bath Room

Wallpaper Texturing


Living Room

Moduler Kitchen

What we offer

Unique design options

Unlimited design option provided by our designers to make your dream into reality. However,Crafted by award winning designers

Material Transparency

Rare to get in this market, but we do provide the transparency of the materials we use to build your interior. Therefore,Our Modular Furniture Factory in White field kolkata is open to all.s

Reasonable Price

It makes easier for you when you don't have to spend the same amount for different cabinets. In conclusion, from Luxury to Budget interior works by Interior Designers in kolkata Homeowners.

End to End Services

Wallpapers to lighting,similarly, Furniture to false ceiling. Our professional team takes care of everything for your Home Decoration.

Guaranteed Works

No Compromise, Because only the best brands go into your Designer home backed by unmatched warranties.

Maintenance and Service

After all, whatever the Modular Furniture we create, its our own.So we take care of our each and every product delivered for your Interior Home Decoration

We are Different
From Others

If interior designing meant putting just few furniture from a catalog around and enhancing the look of your walls with some interesting colors, probably everyone would be able to do it. At karmashree Interiors, we go many steps beyond. Being the best interior designers in kolkata, we have risen above the notion of considering interiors to be simply a décor addition to your dream home and entered a realm where our expert team understands how your home can be transformed in to an abode.

Our Vision:
Karmashree is the best interior designer in Kolkata, enriched with hardcore techno-professionals & ready to provide you any service you need. Since the year 2012 the company has been providing services in Interior, Exterior, Electrical, Networking & Security control System, etc. fields for of Government, Big Corporate and also in home segment. In many big projects starting from site preparation. Interior & Exterior work had successfully managed by the company expect with their competent team. It will not be out of place to mention name of few companies where we are devoting our service-like International School of Business & Media Kolkata, Rajwada Emeralds, Upohar (The condoville), South City, Avishikta, Ruchira Residency, Writtick complex etc.

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