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5 tips to make your small rooms into big with top interior designers in Kolkata

February 21, 2021


The architecture of your house may not skip small and narrow spaces but do not think that the small rooms of your house cannot be made cozy or satisfying. Karmashree with its best team of Best Interior Designer in Kolkata has succeeded in giving a makeover to all the narrow clusters of many houses into a bright yet simple site that you can be comfortable and delighted with.

Here are 5 simple easy tricks from Karmashree to make your small rooms look bigger.

  • Bright and Very Little Contrasting Colour Combination

Use lighter shades for wall paint in your smaller rooms so that light reflects properly and to keep the balance use the dark shades for smaller furniture and wall hangings. Best designers in Kolkata belonging to karmashree know this scale appropriately and leaves optimum effect with soft stones in walls and some green shades in accessories.

5 tips to make your small rooms into big with top interior designers in Kolkata
  • Use Functional and Easy Furniture

While most interior designers in Kolkata may suggest going for multi-textural furniture, we the team of Karmashree with Best Designers in Kolkata would advise you to opt for single textured, lightweight tools that leave more open space and are easy to go with. Such furniture and tools may not look wide but are used widely for multiple purposes.

Moreover, do not clutter your room with too much stuff. Keep it airy by using legged, lithe chairs and try to use small furniture and place them away from the centre and against the walls.

  • Use Creative and Bright Lights

If you have sufficient incoming light from the nature, it would automatically brighten up the light texture of your room. But in case you don’t, our team of best designers in Kolkata would suggest you to use a bright central light placed in rather high nodal point of walls and use creative light fixtures in absolutely the opposite direction of nodal light point.

  • Reflect Your Room broader through Mirror and Glasses

Place a substantial sized mirror either against the window or at a central position of a wall that can reflect the focal point of the room. Clear, bright reflection increases the openness of the space.

Additionally, Karmashree’s best designers in Kolkata suggest to use glass made stuff to decorate the room or support the accessories, i.e., use glass bowls, transparent flower vase, glass table, Windows lights made with glass etc. This would not cover the existing view of the room.

  • Focus on the Vertical View

Trick the eye with some vertical settings with Karmashree’s top interior designers in Kolkata. Hang curtains above the window and let the drapes touch the floor.

Add little hangings at one side of the room, suppose above a work table. This gives a mild brand your and contributes in attracting we were making a pleasing psychological effect.

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