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5 Ways to make your living room look expensive

March 3, 2023

Decorating your home can be expensive. In this article we will share some valuable hack tips where actually you don’t need to spend a huge amount to decorate your home. Follow these budget-friendly tips to make your home look trendy.

Hack 1: 

Add a fancy light fitting which can instantly transform your entire space into a luxurious look. The fancy light for home comes in a wide range of options, they not only serve the aesthetical purpose but also improve the functional aspects of the place. Thus, fancy light fitting for homes is an important element of every household.

Hack 2:

Use pendant lights, these lights are a budget variant of chandeliers. Pendant light makes your living room feel 10x cozier. Its adding visual appeal to the home decor. These lights are perfect lighting options for the room that can completely transform the look.

Hack 3:

Use plants in your rooms which makes the most amount of difference in any space. Decorating with plants is good for your home. Go for plants with lush foliage or cheerful pink syngoniums to add a pop of colour to the space. You can consider buying plant stands or racks to layer your space.

Hack 4:

You can use swing for your home. If you have space in your living room you can choose flow mounted swing or a suspended swing from the roof or even. Swing decoration can make your home cosy. If you have a tall table or a bar in the kitchen, it’s time to put swings and get rid of your chairs or benches. Hang two or three swings from the ceiling.

Hack 5:

Use floor to ceiling curtains. This hack will feel expensive to the look of your living room. Floor-to-ceiling drapes can offer a welcoming first impression. They can also add function to a space, such as creating a darker sleeping environment. Choose a drapery fabric that meets your light and privacy needs, complements existing room decor and is priced within a budget you feel comfortable with.

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