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7 ideas to turn your awkward corners with the best interior designer in Kolkata

February 19, 2021


You may not want to highlight the corners of your house but neither should you leave them flat and dull as it departs negative wipe and also gives an impression of amateur work. Karmashree being the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata covers every inch of your house into thought and converts nooky, dry corners into something that works as backing support to the entire decoration.

Here are 7 most simple but stylish ways coming from top interior designers in Kolkata to get your Honours dangler bit.

  • Go Green

Get a pretty, simple, and quality solution for your corner with our best interior designers in Kolkata by placing the right plant in the right way. Snake plant can be both an eye-catching and healthy option as it is not only beautiful in a lighter background but also works as an air purifier as it also releases oxygen during the night. (Recommended by NASA itself).

7 ideas to turn your awkward corners with the best interior designer in Kolkata

If you opt for a smaller plant like happy bamboo or terrarium, it is better to place it on a stool.

  • Alcoves in Asymmetry

Use your corner as shelves to keep your books and tools but not always in the traditional way. Our team of best interior designers in Kolkata uses geometry in curves and patterns which can take that injection of your guests and also appear convenient.

  • Furniture in Favour

Consulting with the top professional interior designers in Kolkata Karmashree decides the most suitable furniture needed for your four corners. A corner connected with your windowside better be arranged with a cosy study-table or a small horizontal bed where the small, narrow corners can have wicker baskets and creates to keep your stuff organised.

  • Light it Right

Every corner has its own purpose and one has to set the light accordingly. From a corner to read books to a corner to showcase a painting light bulb have to be separate and be fitted in separate tools. A long, bendy light stand or a small bulb fixed in ceiling? Get the best suggestion from the best interior designers in Kolkata.

  • Add a Bar for Enjoyment

Want to enjoy your weekend at home? But while dancing would you really like to go to the kitchen to get the drinks and chips? Of course not. Our team of top interior designers in Kolkata have Eased the weekend of many by turning their corner into shiny, twinkling bar that doesn’t let you down.

  • Art and Antiquities

Karmashree’s efficient and skilled workers with the best interior designing knowledge in Kolkata possess the expertise to choose the competent art form and antiquities with pleasant and lighting that expresses your personality and inspires your work.

  • Textural Blend

Pick up your favourite colour for your favourite corner and leave the rest on Karmashree’s top interior designing team. Let us give you the perfect curtain lengths with the best texture, most suitable frames and tools for your peaceful zone.

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