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7 Tips on Home Interior Maintenance for This Monsoon

August 3, 2022

7 Tips on Home Interior Maintenance of This Monsoon 2

Interior Maintenance in the rainy season can be a bit challenging for most of us as it may not feel so good for your home. Wet weather can damage the interior of your home. From humidity to pests, the rainy season brings a lot of trouble. But after all monsoon offers a relief from the summer heat. It is perfect for a cup of coffee while enjoying the gray sky, cool breeze, and Petrichor, the monsoons bring a completely different atmosphere. So let’s help you with some amazing but easy 7 tips recommended by the best interior designers in Kolkata to take care of your home during the rainy season.

1. Proper care for wooden doors and furniture –

Wooden furniture and floors add a distinct charm to home decor. Rustic, vintage, and sophisticated wood furniture adds to the appeal of the decor. However, the rainy season is not good for woodcuts. Moisture can make wooden furniture susceptible to mold, mildew, and rot. The shine and shimmer can also disappear, making them unattractive.

Whether it’s doors, windows, or furniture, the best interiors in Kolkata are often water-resistant to extend their life. Painting doors and windows is a surefire way to protect them from humidity. Applying a wax varnish or sealer is a fantastic way to keep your furniture safe and shiny!

2. Repair Cracks and Cracks in Walls

Cracks and cracks both inside and outside your home tend to appear during the summer. However, don’t forget to fix it before the rain comes. Water and moisture can penetrate cracks, wet and damage walls. Cover cracks with putty or joint filler. In addition, using waterproof exterior paint on the outside of the house can keep moisture from penetrating the interior.

3. Use a dehumidifier –

Sometimes, despite all the necessary measures, the inside of your home can feel damp and damp due to excess moisture. To remove dampness from the interior, you can use a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier not only removes moisture from the surrounding air but also removes mold and other unwanted particles. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

4. Change Location of Ornamental Plants –

Ornamental plants are an effective way to decorate 2/3 BHK Interior in Kolkata. They give the decoration liveliness and character. From living rooms to balconies, plants add life to the look of a home.

However, during the rainy season, the placement of plants can affect your daily life. Plants not only increase the humidity in your home, they also attract insects into your home. It is best to place your plants on a balcony or outdoors. This way your plants also get a chance to thrive in the sun.

5. Allow ventilation from time to time –

It is normal to close doors and windows during the rainy season to avoid splashing water or damp air. While the smell of earth puts you in a good mood and is long awaited by many, prolonged rains can cause a musty smell in the apartment.

So that your house does not smell damp, you need good air circulation. Therefore, opening doors and windows from time to time is an absolute must to let fresh air into the room!

6. Stay away from heavy fabrics –

Heavy drapes, rugs, and rugs have been combined by Kolkata’s leading interior designers to make a royal statement. However, harvest before the rainy season arrives. Carpeted floors or decorative rugs absorb and retain moisture, creating a damp, dewy atmosphere. This not only reduces their overall lifespan but also contributes to an unpleasant odor.

7. Place an umbrella stand/shoe rack at the entrance –

Monsoons and drenching umbrellas are fairly common. But what happens when a family member or guest walks through the door with water dripping from their umbrella? The door gets wet, making the floor slippery and unhygienic.

Placing an umbrella holder near the entrance creates a separate storage space for the umbrella, allowing the water to drain and the umbrella to dry. The next time you go out, the umbrella will be dry and ready to use. Likewise, installing a shoe rack can be a great way to prevent muddy shoes from falling to the floor.

To keep the interior of your home tidy, the focus should be on keeping humidity levels under control. Protecting the delicate elements and ensuring good ventilation are the secrets to enjoying the rainy season worry-free.

So, these common steps suggested by the top interior designers in Kolkata, help you to make your home clean, odor free in the monsoon season.

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