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A Difference Between Modular Kitchen and Carpenter Made Kitchen

April 21, 2021

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This dilemma in modern households is very common. Traditionally carpenter-made kitchens reigned over history but with the advancement of human civilization, as small keypad phones transformed into smartphones; people, mostly in urban areas move towards advanced solutions like modular kitchens.

Speaking about the effectiveness modular kitchen has obviously overtaken the carpenter kitchen; for its hassle-free, comforting, and functional benefits. But as gold costs higher than bronze, a modular kitchen setup would require higher expense than a carpenter-made one. The ultimate choice is yours but before you choose, here are some detailed differences, pros, and cons of both the kitchen setup type from the modular kitchen designers in Kolkata; so that you decide rightly.

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What are modular kitchen and carpenter-made kitchen?

  • A modular kitchen setup is a factory-made ready-to-install collection of individual units that are customized and organized as an integrated system fitting in your space.
  • Carpenter-made kitchens on the other hand are crafted by carpenters with traditional paneling, mouldings of wood according to your requirements.

What are the benefits of having a modular kitchen?

  • A fuss-free and neat installation: Professional modular kitchen designers in Kolkata develop primary designs to be customized in any sort of space and then restructure them according to the architectural and interior structure of your space. Such flawless designs not only look modern but also are very easy to handle.
  • Space Utilisation and Storage Capacity: As in urban areas spaces are usually smaller, modular kitchen is availed most to keep the kitchen functional get clutter-free. Best modular kitchen designers in Kolkata use modular kitchen tools in favor of organized storage. A common person may not evaluate the utility of kitchen corners but a professional makes out functional solutions for the overlooked nooky corners of your kitchen.
  • Interior Specialised Arrangement and its Security: Modular kitchen set up by the modular kitchen designers in Kolkata is rather safe as the interior structure and electric setup is not pressurized by all over new work. moreover, if a homeowner decides to move in the future these kitchen units can easily be dismantled and reinstalled again, unlike the carpenter-made one.
  • Maintenance: Modular kitchens are built in a way to prevent the attack of termites and other insects and having a smooth finishing its parts are conveniently changed. Best modular kitchen designers in Kolkata also provide warranty periods appearing to be more reliable.

What are the benefits of having a Carpenter made Kitchen?

  • You are the designer:  You become the boss of your space. Carpenter wood only follows your instructions and works accordingly. Thus, you can decide how to use your kitchen by yourself with no third-party influence.
  • Pricing: Here the raw materials cost and labor cost collectively would cost anyway considerably lower than a modular kitchen setup.

Disadvantages of modular kitchen

  • Expensive: It usually cost more expensive than Carpenter made kitchen
  • Shifting of Setup: Once the design is finalized and produced for space it may not accurately fit into another space if shifted.

Disadvantages of Carpenter made Kitchen

  • Management: Only wood materials are used sometimes having rough finishing, which might be hard to maintain and the sustainability is also lower.
  • Hustle: As the whole work is done in your space, it may make it messy and extra cleaning work lands upon you.

Having an overall analysis by professional interior designers like Karmashree Interio and experienced household owners suggests that even modular kitchen setup has a higher initial cost, it appears to be more beneficial, comfortable, and sustainable in the long run.

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