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Best Eco-friendly Kitchen Appliances for Modern India

March 21, 2022


Our world is going through some of the most disturbing moments in recent memory. In the face of an uncertain present and future, protecting and conserving our planet and its priceless resources is a necessity today! Because of this, most of the global organizations and companies expect sustainable living and are looking for eco-friendly alternatives. Therefore, everyone can contribute to making our planet greener and more livable for us and future generations. All it takes is a big heart, a genuine will and awareness to trade our existing resources for their ecological alternatives. So let’s start this change at the heart of our household, which is our own kitchen!

Best Eco-friendly Kitchen Appliances for Modern India

Here are some devices we can replace with planet-friendly and nature-friendly equivalents:

1. Kettle: Make sure you have a kettle as it is energy efficient, has a measuring scale, and has an auto-off temperature control function. This way we can only heat the water to the required temperature level and prevent the water from boiling for an unnecessarily long time.

2. Coffee makers: The market today is flooded with efficient coffee makers. Still, finding the perfect one can still be a very difficult task. But not now. We can visit any online portal to buy an efficient coffee maker.

3. Toaster: Help you choose a toaster that is energy efficient, doesn’t have too long bread slots, only bakes two slices at a time, has a good temperature control feature, and doesn’t overheat the bread.

4. Blender: Maintaining a blender that doesn’t use too much energy or electricity to process ingredients is the best option or option you have in your kitchen. You need to take good care of your equipment and replace or repair electrical equipment when necessary.

5. Rice Cooker: Choose one that fully meets your daily needs and is large enough to feed everyone in the family. There must be a stainless steel bowl because the Teflon bowl contains harmful chemicals.

6. Induction hob: This is the most energy efficient way to cook food using electromagnetic induction heat. Food is only heated when the utensils are placed on the stove, which saves a lot of electricity. Make sure to choose one that has an auto-switch mode that can also adjust the cooking temperature.

7. Dishwasher: This is an appliance that should be energy efficient as dishwashers tend to use a lot of water and electricity. Since you are a regular device, you should choose one that uses less energy and water without compromising on the quality of the work.

8. Refrigerators: According to the latest standards, all refrigerators must have an energy star reflecting their energy efficiency. This one-star device is energy efficient and consumes less power when operating. Refrigerators must not emit CFCs and HFCs (chlorofluorocarbons and hydro fluorocarbons). These gases actively destroy the precious ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere.

9. Frying Pans: Frying pans and pans are the most important employees in our kitchen. It is practically impossible to organize meals without using one of them. You should avoid pots and pans with Teflon coating, as they contain PFOA and PFC which are carcinogenic and harmful to the environment. Cast iron, stainless steel, crockery, and enameled pots and pans are eco-friendly alternatives to consider.

10. Electric Ovens: There are several electric ovens on the market that claim to cook better with less power. But you should invest in one with multiple cooking modes to avoid the accumulation of different electrical appliances, you should also use less energy to get the desired result, and with an effective temperature control function.

Therefore, this blog we provide an overview of eco-friendly kitchen utensils used in modern Indian homes. Karmashree Interio is always ready to make eco-friendly kitchen with at low price. We are the #1 modular kitchen designer in Kolkata. Contact us for more information.

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