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Modular Kitchen Designer in Kolkata

In every home, kitchen is probably the most extensively used space in day-to-day life. Thus, the kitchen in your house needs to be super functional to work in yet it must not lose and easy-going pleasant atmosphere and design to cheer you up in preparing meals for your near and dear ones.

Everyone wants a well-to-do kitchen but when it comes to space, they do not leave enough for it. But the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata can make good use of the small space in your house and transform each and every corner into function. The modular kitchen designers in Kolkata takes into account several aspects before designing your kitchen. Karmashree Interio, with speciality in modular kitchen design makes choices wisely and technically in terms of colour selection, arrangement of kitchen accessories, type of materials used in kitchen slabs, ventilation and most importantly the power supply structure and its safety.

Our Works

U Shaped Modular Kitchen

It is the most budget-friendly modular kitchen design for ample spaces in a kitchen. This design of the modular kitchen is mostly found in houses or flats. It is recommended for extra storage and is easy to use for today's home managers. The sitting arrangement of this type of kitchen is highly appreciated by clients. One can sit and can chat while cooking from this u shaped kitchen. So don't waste your time and hire the best modular kitchen company in Kolkata now.

L Shaped Modular Kitchen

If you want an extra spacious kitchen with a large workspace then go for L Shaped Modular Kitchen. It is completely worthy fitting with a small and large kitchen both. This type of design saves space and is mostly used in Indian kitchens. Now come to the work efficiency! It turns work easier than others. So for those who want to look your small kitchen larger then install L shaped modular kitchen by the best modular kitchen carpenters in Kolkata.

Straight Modular Kitchen

Among all types of modular kitchens, it is the most popular kitchen indeed, because it is the least expensive. Despite its minimalist design. It can be installed on a single wall. So one can easily design it in a small kitchen. But for all this job an expert designer is needed. If you want a well-decorated modular kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket then go for it. For the best experience contact Karmshree interior, the best modular kitchen service in Kolkata.

Modular Kitchen

Are you disrupted with your old design kitchen? Thinking of a newly designed modular kitchen but not getting the best modular kitchen service in Kolkata? Hope we can solve your problem with our services! Karmashree is the leading Modular kitchen manufacturer in Kolkata and serves as the best kitchen contractor in Kolkata. We have completed numerous works of modular kitchens in the city of Kolkata with our professional expert designers. More than a hundred highly efficient designers are working with us 24 X 7 hours across the Nation. So put your worries aside and hire Karmashree Interior for the best modular kitchen in Kolkata

The kitchen is the most personalized space in our lifestyle.  A kitchen should be well decorated with modern modulation and appliances. One thing that must be noted most innovative relish of food comes from the spare kitchen. So modernization and customization are extremely needful for the user. Karamashree Interior will design your kitchen according to your criteria with amazing usage of craftsmanship that will reflect in your new wardrobe or the wall decor. So what’s next? Will hire Karmashree Interior for the best kitchen contractors in Kolkata or will continue your search forever? We assure the ultimate safety of your kitchen from our end and you will have the opportunity to scrutinize the price, design, and foremost services by our experts. Our professional designers will visit your place to measure the size of your kitchen before the installation of new cabinets. They will ensure the utilization of your space efficiency. So hurry up! Book your dream kitchen  & Wardrobe along with attractive deals on appliances. Contact us without delay and avail exciting discounts from the best modular kitchen manufacturer in Kolkata.

Why You Will Choose Us?

Ans: Plywood is the best material which can be used for kitchen cabinet. Plywood is basically a man-made material (or engineered wood) created by gluing layers and layers of thin wood..

Ans: Porcelain floor tile is basically used in kitchen. Porcelain floor tile has sand added to the clay mixture and is made with heat and pressure to produce a tile that’s harder, denser and less porous than regular ceramic tile.

Ans: Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is best as sink in kitchen. Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks. Copper Kitchen Sinks. Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks. Fireclay Kitchen Sink Material. Enamel Kitchen Sinks. Stone Kitchen Sinks. Acrylic Kitchen Sinks.

Ans: Modern kitchen chimney accentuates the style of your modular, fit in your kitchen, should have a good suction power. A ducted chimney pulls in the dirty air, traps the heavy particles of grease and spices of your kitchen..