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Modular Kitchen Designer in Kolkata

In every home, kitchen is probably the most extensively used space in day-to-day life. Thus, the kitchen in your house needs to be super functional to work in yet it must not lose and easy-going pleasant atmosphere and design to cheer you up in preparing meals for your near and dear ones.

Everyone wants a well-to-do kitchen but when it comes to space, they do not leave enough for it. But the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata can make good use of the small space in your house and transform each and every corner into function. The modular kitchen designers in Kolkata takes into account several aspects before designing your kitchen. Karmashree Interio, with speciality in modular kitchen design makes choices wisely and technically in terms of colour selection, arrangement of kitchen accessories, type of materials used in kitchen slabs, ventilation and most importantly the power supply structure and its safety.

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Modular Kitchen

Karmashree Interio, the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata also believes in setting up and environment friendly modular kitchen without distorting the norms of the Vastu. With a team of top modular kitchen designers in Kolkata, we offer you the best designs in a wide range and assist you in opting for the most suitable one or we recreate something especially for the space you have in order to keep it airy, bright and comfortable. So that, the cooked food in your kitchen keeps your family healthy, fit and happy.

Ans: Plywood is the best material which can be used for kitchen cabinet. Plywood is basically a man-made material (or engineered wood) created by gluing layers and layers of thin wood..

Ans: Porcelain floor tile is basically used in kitchen. Porcelain floor tile has sand added to the clay mixture and is made with heat and pressure to produce a tile that’s harder, denser and less porous than regular ceramic tile.

Ans: Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is best as sink in kitchen. Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks. Copper Kitchen Sinks. Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks. Fireclay Kitchen Sink Material. Enamel Kitchen Sinks. Stone Kitchen Sinks. Acrylic Kitchen Sinks.

Ans: Modern kitchen chimney accentuates the style of your modular, fit in your kitchen, should have a good suction power. A ducted chimney pulls in the dirty air, traps the heavy particles of grease and spices of your kitchen..