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Create Unique and Fashionable Kitchen Designs with Karmashree Interio

July 24, 2023

modular kitchen designer in kolkata

Your home can simply gain additional value by installing a modular kitchen in Kolkata. A modular kitchen designs can significantly improve your quality of life, regardless of whether you live in a modest flat in Kolkata or a large property in the surrounding districts. You cannot disregard the interior design of your kitchen because it is a crucial component of your way of life.

Modular Kitchen Designers in Kolkata

At Karmashree Interio, the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata, we build modular kitchen designs that are the perfect mix of functionality and beauty. These modern kitchen design ideas span a wide range, from straightforward spaces with understated interiors to elaborate spaces with elaborate interiors. You can adjust any of our modular kitchen design services to fit your requirements and the available space. You might build a low-cost modular kitchen in Kolkata using the inspiration you find here for kitchen design. Our modular kitchen designer in Kolkata and producers provide the best kitchen designs at a competitive price based on your demands and kitchen dimensions. Along with furniture design and manufacture, we also offer the best full-service interior design services in Kolkata.

Create Unique and Fashionable Kitchen Designs with Karmashree Interio

Various Designs of Innovative Modular Kitchens in Kolkata

Straight Modular Kitchen:-

It doesn’t actually make use of the triangle. Instead, the procedure is based on lines. The ideal housing for this style is loft flats and studios. By minimising counter space, this category helps increase kitchen efficiency. You can select from a selection of fashionable straight modular kitchen designs in Kolkata at Karmashree Interio, one of the best modular kitchen designers in Kolkata.

Island Modular Kitchen:-

If you have the required kitchen space, it’s a great modern alternative. It combines an unconnected island area with a linear or L-shaped kitchen layout. The island can be used as a breakfast nook, bar counter, additional work space or your favourite baking spot. Additionally, a cooker or a washbasin could be included. Due to its two facing work tables and storage choices, this kitchen plan is ideal for entertaining and handicapped people. Because of their versatility, these kitchens serve as the hub of the home.

L Shaped Modular Kitchen:-

The L-shaped modular kitchen design is undoubtedly the most popular. The design of a  modular kitchen and its modifications are ideal for larger rooms. Even smaller kitchen spaces could be modified using the model. The L-shaped kitchen makes use of two neighboring kitchen walls, providing plenty of room for movement while completing daily tasks and preparing food.

One of the key aspects of this design is the ability to create distinct work zones or segments based on individual needs. This idea also has the benefit of allowing for the creative use of the corner area while generating continuous counter space for additional storage, which is great for modern homes. At Karmashree Interio, you can choose from a variety of stylish L-shaped modular kitchen designs in Kolkata.

U Shaped Modular Kitchen:-

If you want to maximise your kitchen space, a U-shaped modular kitchen is a fantastic option. It is the perfect option for large families because it provides a tone of storage and surface space. Whether you want to renovate your current kitchen or are searching for top modular kitchen in Kolkata, making an investment in a U-shaped modular kitchen is something you should think about.

Parallel Modular Kitchen:-

On the opposite side, two long workplaces might be divided into “dry” and “wet” areas. It provides lots of storage possibilities, mobility, and shelf space. Most apartments might use parallel kitchens, which are very easy to adapt to your needs. You may select from a range of fashionable contemporary modular kitchen design services at Karmashree Interio, best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata.

In conclusion, Karmashree Interio is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata. They are among the best in the industry thanks to their attention to detail, variety of designs, high-quality materials, and after-sales support. You may be confident that a kitchen from Karmashree Interio will be attractive, extremely functional, and long-lasting.

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