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Differences Between a Modular Kitchen and Semi Modular Kitchen

April 5, 2022

modular kitchen ideas

A modular kitchen is a kitchen that can be completely disassembled and installed in a new home or apartment, at your convenience and whenever you want. It’s really flexible. With a modular kitchen, every module is manufactured at the factory and everything is installed on site. While the semi-modular kitchen is built around the existing civil structure. Only a few components such as a workbench sink, sink, etc. which are assembled on site by construction professionals and cannot be disassembled and moved. Simply put, a semi-modular kitchen is usually a mix of a fully modular kitchen and a modular kitchen made by a carpenter.

The importance of a modular kitchen

1. In the modular kitchen, the modules can be completely disassembled and assembled; so you can easily carry it. If you need to move house for work or travel, you can easily take it with you.

2. Since everything is made in the factory and all that is done on site is assembly and installation, this saves a lot of time and effort on installation.

3. If certain modules need to be repaired, it can be done easily without affecting other modules.

4. Easy to maintain due to removable elements and fittings.

5. Because it is elegant and modern, it gives a modern kitchen look

6. In a modular kitchen, the most important kitchen utensils can be well organized, enabling hassle-free cooking.

Differences between a Modular Kitchen and Semi Modular Kitchen

The importance of semi-modular kitchen

Semi-modular kitchens are less expensive than modular kitchens, so they save on the budget. There are no downsides to a modular kitchen, but a semi-modular kitchen has a big downside

1. Unlike a modular kitchen, not all modules in a semi-modular kitchen are machine-made. As such, quality and coverage matter.

2. This type of kitchen limits design and customization options

3. The use of space is also not possible.

4. Since the structure is in place, installation becomes a very time consuming task.

5. Some accessories that come in standard sizes may not fit into the space after construction work.

Modular kitchen” in India is a term used by many for any type of kitchen, regardless of design. However there are many differences and variations between the two modular and semi-modular kitchens. When it comes to making a big decision about choosing between the two, it is important to know well about the differences, pros and cons, cost differences, etc.

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