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How Much Should You Spend for Your Modular Kitchen?

October 6, 2021

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Let’s get into that right away. After all, you should spend 50% of your house’s value in your kitchen because you’re spending more time there and there’s more activity going on in this room. Now the amount you spent on it breaks down logically.

We spend an average of 2 to 3 hours in the kitchen preparing, cooking, storing, and packing food. This task can be much easier and more convenient when you have a well-designed and durable modular kitchen. If you have empathy for anyone who does this work 365 days a year, 21 hours a week, you need to make sure that cooking utensils and utensils are more accessible, the kitchen is not infested with termites or pests, and, last but not least, ergonomically comfortable for cooking.

So, let’s talk about the basics of your kitchen durability. We’re going to talk about this in detail, so I’m going to take an approximate kitchen size with a straight line of 10 feet. At Ideas Modular Kitchen, we usually recommend wood as a material, as it has a great screw holding capacity (explaining the box structure), is heat and water-resistant so it lasts 10 years or less. Plywood shall be water and heat-resistant wood 18 mm thick with an alternate core.

Now we come to your kitchen sink. This is the most used area, always dirty and damp. Make sure this area is designed differently from other kitchens. The kitchen idea is to make the sink box frame with aluminum, the bottom and back are made of waterproof material and the sides are lined with aluminum sheets. This ensures that the sink or box next to it is not damaged if water enters.

Then comes the outer cover of your lid. The matte finish gives you a great choice of color, grain, and design. But don’t worry too much, this solution affects the aesthetics more than the durability of your kitchen. If you want a deeper understanding of each cover, we’ve explained it in the article “Different types of cover covers”. This makes laminate one of the most durable and economical coatings you can choose from. Apart from that, you can choose from over 200 different designs and surfaces and don’t compromise on the design either.

Should we turn to numbers? Depending on the blinds you choose and whether or not you want to buy a waterproof sink, your cabinets will have to cost money. 55,000/- up to 65,000/ – The more exclusive caps you take, the more the fees increase. This investment ensures that your kitchen structure is strong and durable.

How Much Should You Spend for Your Modular Kitchen?

The price of the wardrobe is relatively modest. The discussion about hardware gets a little more complicated as it is based on your preferences. We divide these according to the required hardware and preferred hardware. Let’s start with the basic or necessary accessories. This includes accessories your kitchen uses as soft closing hinges, innotech drawers, corner fixtures, etc. If this hardware is not of good quality, you should continue to replace or repair it. So, if you bring the minimal accessories, namely soft-closing hinges, three Innotech drawers, plate holder, ABS tool tray, long handle and LED headlights, it will all cost you between INR 23,000 to INR 43,000, depending on your brand. choose. If you want to know more about the different types of faucets and brands to choose from, read our article “Different types of modular kitchen faucets”

Are you still with us or have you decided to take a break from the somewhat daunting part of building your new home? It’s okay you’re almost there. The next step is to choose a sink. This is very easy. Quality depends on the thickness of the material. Make sure it is made of stainless steel and is at least 1 mm thick. Through customer feedback, we have learned that a bowl with a drain is a better choice than a double bowl or a double bowl with a drain. So a good 3-foot sink will cost you between Rs 8,000 and Rs12,000.

The final step in finishing your kitchen is choosing your countertops. This is one of the most important things in building your kitchen. We recommend either ol’ granite, which is a naturally non-porous material, or quartz, which is an artificially non-porous material. The downside of granite is that there are not many color options when it comes to lighter colors. This can be a challenge when you want a dark wardrobe. As for quartz, the positive is that you can find a lot of colors in it. The downside is that it is almost 20% more expensive than Indian granite. In this way, your table will cost you from 25,000 rupees to 30,000 rupees, including transportation and installation.

If you have the mental math superpowers, you will find that your price has come to around 1,30,000 rupees depending on the various choices you make. Add to installation, cart, and GST (i.e., 18%, no-shrink, could have been 27%) and you should have an amount of Rs 170,000/-.

This is the kind of investment you need to make to ensure your kitchen is hygienic, waterproof, and organized, one you love to work with and one that will provide you with nearly a decade of fun. Contact Karmashree Interio today for your modular kitchen.

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