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How to Design a Small Modular Kitchen?

June 5, 2023

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The various kitchen spaces, regardless of size, are optimised by a modular kitchen design, which is effective and systematic. Due to the limited amount of room, designing compact kitchen areas is typically the most challenging. Especially when designing a tiny kitchen, choosing a modular design approach makes perfect sense. A modular kitchen design will be able to maximise the area because of how effectively it uses the available space. It can be difficult to design a compact modular kitchen, though.

However, if you’re thinking about installing a modular kitchen but are concerned about the available space, you could look at these modest modular kitchen design ideas.

modular kitchen

Assess your space:-

If there are any architectural elements or restrictions, such as windows, doors, or pillars, record these as well as the size of the kitchen’s available space. Making the most of the space you have will be easier if you are aware of the proportions.

Choose a layout for your kitchen:-

Select an appropriate plan based on the size and form of your kitchen. The L-shaped,

U-shaped, or galley (parallel walls) layout are popular designs for tiny kitchens. When selecting the plan, keep things like accessibility, the work triangle (the distance between the washbasin, stove and refrigerator), and functionality in mind.

Selecting the appropriate modular kitchen accessories:-

A wide range of accessories are available in contemporary Indian kitchen designs, including pull-out baskets, corner units, tall units, and under-sink accessories as well as bottle pull-outs and cutlery organisers. When choosing your modular kitchen accessories, be careful because compact modular kitchens, which are common in Indian apartments, require a particularly imaginative selection.

Prioritise functionality:-

It’s crucial to prioritise utility in a tiny kitchen. Make sure that the positioning of the washbasin, countertop, and appliances permits simple mobility and effective workflow. When designing the layout, keep plumbing and electrical points in mind.

modular kitchen

Select modular kitchen units:-

Small kitchens are perfect for modular kitchen units because they are available in a variety of sizes and layouts.Pick space-saving furnishings like pull-out pantries, slender cabinets, and appliances.To free up counter space,choose built-in equipment like ovens and microwaves.

Install under-cabinet illumination:-

Most kitchens feature ceiling lighting for ambient illumination, but overhead cabinets can create shadows that make it difficult to prepare food at night. Make sure to include under-cabinet lighting so the counter will be well-lit.

Pot Holders:-

In Indian cuisine, heavy pots and pans are essential. Typically, these are placed in a corner or stacked on top of one another in cabinets. You can use aerial space in the kitchen and add pot racks to the beauty of your kitchen by mounting them above the counter, stove or kitchen window.

Glass doors:-

Glass doors create the appearance that the cooking room extends into the dining or living area, making them an elegant alternative for small kitchens. This still applies if the glass doors lead out to a balcony or garden.

Include space-saving elements:

Consider purchasing a countertop that is foldable or extendable, has pull-out chopping boards, or has built-in trash cans to save space. These features increase functionality while taking up minimal space.

Small appliances:-

Choose modest kitchen-specific appliances that are compact in size. Choose a sleek refrigerator, a compact dishwasher, or a microwave/convection oven combination. Built-in appliances can also help the kitchen look more streamlined and free up important counter space.

Consider a compact sink:-

If space is limited, choose a smaller-sized sink that doesn’t take up too much counter space. Consider options like single-bowl or undermount sinks that can help save valuable workspace.

Add personal touches:-

Last but not least, add your own touches to make the kitchen welcoming. Consider adding ornamental accents that go well with the overall design, such as plants, pieces of art, or bright accessories.

With the help of best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata, you can construct the perfect, attractive, and functional kitchen. You must consult with design professionals to learn about additional design options for your small modular kitchen.

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