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Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your House With Old Furniture

April 1, 2021

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When we move to a new home or renovate our space, most of us have this thought that our old furniture may go old-fashioned in our new space. People have this fear that their old furniture might not fit in and if they don’t, they would have to spend more. But the best interior designer in Kolkata says there is no need to throw away your old furniture or replace them with new ones to garnish your new space. Karmashree has brought the collective suggestions of the top interior designers in Kolkata to enhance the beauty of your space with old furniture.

Artistic Representation

Best interior designers in Kolkata consider this angle first when it comes to renovating furniture along with renovated space. Mild fabric painting over the slabs and doors of the old furniture with Madhubani art or Mural art gives the whole setup a different classic look and enhances the space.

Create a Parted Space mixed with Creativity

When your cozy sofas are not enough to fill the huge space in your living area then take out your old rustic chairs and place the sofas and chairs in separate alignments. Karmashree with a team of top interior designers in Kolkata makes good use of your old furniture if you are not willing to replace them unnecessarily.

Let the Antiquity Reflect

The professional interior designers in Kolkata never cover the old designs because they know innovation is better than replacement. Moreover, there always can be an aesthetic reflection out of the old tools. Thus, Karmashree as the best interior designer in Kolkata can give you some tips to turn the old into glamour.

Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your House With Old Furniture
  • You can change the old handles and corners of your old furniture with a brass design structure.
  • You can cover your old cabinets with some textual cloth or several colored cloth pieces on which antique pieces, decor tools can be put to highlight the difference.
  • The use of bold and designed lampshades is also another suitable way that goes well with old furniture.

Use it Differently

Convert your old dining table into a work desk. The top interior designers in Kolkata assert that rustic wood will emit the required charm and positive vibe needed to function and also such transformations look unique in a space. Likewise, different old furniture can be used to function differently.

Decor with Mantel and cover up the unwanted part

Kitchen cabinets can be remodeled with the unused furniture mantles that will also give it a different texture additional to a modular kitchen setup. Interior designers in Kolkata also prefer to use aesthetic sheets like Designing sheets, music posters, Maps, letters, postcards, etc. To hide the faded zones of your old furniture.

Use tools in Traditional yet classy way

Install some chic accessories in your home corners that not only leave enough space but also are used considerably well to accommodate your stuff. Top interior designers in Kolkata suggest that such accessories should be comfortable to use such as a linear cabinet or a rustic stool just close to your main door, a cloth rack or coat hook along the corridor or even an angular mirror over your living area.

Thus, the old furniture can be proven both useful and classic in interior decoration.

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