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Know How Vastu Is Emerging In Modern Decorations from the Top Interior Designers in Kolkata

June 29, 2022


Your main goal in planning your home is to bring happiness and prosperity to where you live. Whether it’s an elegant and stunning villa with splendour that shines in a sprawling space or simply a place that is functionally worthy and reasonable; Design, layout, colour, furniture affect not only appearance, but also spirituality and skills in your life. The basic structure of your home can create a certain type of energy that creates a certain positive or negative atmosphere for your family’s mental, physical and financial health. Therefore, the selection of the right basic structure is important. Here we will discuss how vastu can help in modern decorations with the top interior designers in Kolkata.

Why Vastu principals to be maintained

  • Happiness and joy, no stress
  • prosperity and abundance
  • vitality and good health
  • live without a hitch
  • To achieve the goal
  • Opportunities that often increase and also increase
  • Nature’s help for progress
  • Good friendship
  • Better harmony and relationship
  • Better money management
  • Find a life partner on time
Know How Vastu Is Emerging In Modern Decorations

Vastu principals for parts of your home


The direction of the bedroom in modern decorations should be chosen after vastu to the southwest if the couple is the host. For newlyweds, according to Vastu, the direction of the bedroom can be in the northwest corner. According to Vastu rules, the direction of the bedroom should not be on the northeast side, because it can cause health problems.


According to Vastu, the southeast is the ideal direction for the kitchen, for a house facing east. However, if this location is not available for kitchen accommodation, one can consider Northwest but avoid North, West and Northeast. For houses facing west, southeast or northwest orientations can be considered when designing a kitchen.

Dining hall

  1. The western dining room is the best; the north or the east is the second best.
  2. The dining room should always be spacious, welcoming and comfortable.
  3. When eating; the head of the family must face east. The rest of the family can face east, north, or west.
  4. Children should not sit in the southwest corner of the dining table, otherwise they will overwhelm the house and overwhelm their parents.
  5. No one in the family should look south at dinner, otherwise petty quarrels will arise between family members.
  6. An east, north, or west wall is best for a dining room door; Avoid the door on the south wall.
  7. A square or rectangular dining table is best; Avoid round, oval or other shapes if possible.
  8. Place the dining table in the southwest corner of the dining room, but make sure the dining table does not touch the wall. Also, leave enough space between the dining chairs and the wall for everyone to do it easily.

Puja place

  1. The best indoor hangout is Northeast. If that doesn’t work for you, the north and east corners will too. The West is also acceptable when nothing else works. However, avoid finding the puja room in the south.
  2. Try facing north or east when you pray.
  3. Do not place the prayer room under the stairs or next to the bathroom wall – this is considered awkward.
  4. Design a ghar pooja on the ground floor of your house for best results. According to Vastu, the basement and upstairs are not recommended for dairies.
  5. Face the prayer room to the northeast, east, or north if you live in an apartment facing north or east.

Karmashree Interio – best interior designer in Kolkata is not irritated in working harder. So, even if you have your own additional set of beliefs and principles you can happily approach us to work on that without causing any drawback in the befitted outlook of your home. So we can help to find the right vastu in modern decorations at an affordable rate.

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