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Modular Kitchen Design for Open Kitchens in India

April 30, 2021

Modular Kitchen Designs

With Time and Technology, people moved from traditional carpenter-made kitchens to modular kitchens. And now, Modular kitchen designs are widely applied in Open Kitchen infusion that blends beautifully with your space making it look large and airy. In modern days, where most homes are small, nuclear families are more comfortable with open kitchens. Parents can easily keep an eye on their children while preparing for breakfast or lunch. Young working couples can easily move within spaces lessening the hassle when work from home is on-trend.

Modular Kitchen Design for Open Kitchens in India

Best modular kitchen designers in Kolkata can present numerous ideas in designing an open kitchen that is suitable for your space. Following are some concepts to mold a Modular kitchen design in Kolkata in an Open Kitchen.

  1. Light Colour Shade for Open Kitchen: When opting for an open kitchen, light shades like white, lime green, pink, sky blue reflect the light best. Best modular kitchen designers in Kolkata even suggest the coexistence of two contrasting colours like white and navy blue with maple wood flooring can go really well and blend easily with space.
  2. A Fancy Small Partition to cover the messy area: Kitchen may not always look clean as it is an area to be all-time busy with. When you are not done with all the dishes and still need to keep the vision hidden from the guests who might just bring up suddenly in your house, then search thin and fancy designing partition will help you cover up the embarrassing part without making the space appeared to be clumsy or stuffy.
  3. Make it a part of your Living Area or Dining Area: It is the most suitable form of usage in small urban homes. Most modular kitchen design in Kolkata comprises such arrangement, as it keeps the space both useful and classy with the blending.
  4. Open Kitchen with a gateway to Outdoors: If you don’t want the kitchen to be a part of your living room, then this can be a great alternative if you have an open area in your house. Opening the kitchen into the backyards on the balconies can affiliate it with Bare natural lighting and ventilation separated by simple and clear glass sliding doors keeping It protected from dust. Best modular kitchen designers in Kolkata also try to associate an outdoor dining setup along with, that can appear to be special for your family time.
  5. Lighting and Shelving: Broad Windows can be a sufficient source of light. But if preparing food for your near and dear ones is special for you then the ambience should also be special. Adding small bulbs in a fancy style give space a beautiful and comfortable walk-in Design.

It is suggested by Karmashree Interio – The best modular kitchen designers in Kolkata to opt for exposed shelves, dark in colour that go well with light background. But if your space can get dusty it is better to avoid open shelves rather go for a glass cover.

Further, the designs can be made with different wall marble designs or stylish and smooth kitchen slabs to accommodate one in the Kitchen.

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