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Open Kitchen is the Latest Addition to Interior Decoration

October 12, 2022

modular kitchen design

Open kitchen is the latest avatar of modular kitchens. It expands the overall choice when deciding how to use your master living room as it offers more space, a constant flow of activity, and is easy to reach. Not sure which renovation method to choose given the proliferation of open kitchens? To help you make the right decision when planning or renovating your ideal home, here are some facts about open kitchen concepts, pros and cons, and modern kitchen plans from the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata. Here is a list of concepts that we believe are suitable for modern and compact homes.

Open Kitchen, the Latest Avatar of Modular Kitchen is Redifing Your Apartments

What is an Open Kitchen?

The “center” of the household is often the kitchen. When it comes to innovative design ideas, everyone wonders whether to opt for an open or closed kitchen. Although the open kitchen blends in with the living environment, it is one space that should not be cluttered. Closed kitchens are ideal when you want to cook in peace or are too busy to clean afterward because there is always a lot to clean up.

A bright and airy kitchen is a great home design model for several reasons:

  • They remove the barrier between the main living area and the kitchen, allowing family members to receive or meet while they prepare meals. Most are equipped with cupboards, water taps, and dining tables.
  • Often equipped with a variety of appliances, including freezers and double ovens.
  • It offers a variety of design options that can completely change the aesthetics of a home.

Advantages of an open kitchen

  • Initially give the impression of a larger room. Since the view is unobstructed, the room appears larger and more inviting. When you have guests, it creates a beautiful environment to interact with them while you cook.
  • Since there are no dividing walls, outdoor kitchen plans also allow for countertop installations that do not interfere with pedestrian areas.
  • Since there is more circulation in the open kitchen, it has more ventilation.
  • In addition, the lack of barriers that block light from other rooms allows a lot of natural light to enter the kitchen area, making an open kitchen look brighter.

Tips to follow :

In today’s homes, the open kitchen fits perfectly into our casual lifestyle and encourages friendliness when preparing meals. The lack of available space is another factor why this concept is becoming increasingly popular today. A layout worth considering is the ability to easily move from the dining room to the living room to the kitchen. Open plans, on the other hand, require in-depth design knowledge and skills. Here are some things to think about when creating an open kitchen.

  • Choose a kitchen theme: You can choose from a variety of themes including single-wall kitchens, French-style kitchens, industrial-style kitchens, kitchens with hidden storage, long island kitchens, and many more. Choose a theme that fits your home design and suits your needs.
  • Choose the right colors: While this may seem like a small detail, color choices have a long-lasting impact on your kitchen design. This applies in the context of an open kitchen connected to your living or dining area. You can choose a wood color or white color to keep it simple.
  • Decide if you need a sliding door: If you sometimes need privacy, a sliding door might be a good fit. This can help set the mood of the room.
  • Plan island placement: Islands are the most attractive feature of an open kitchen. It is modern and at the same time very functional. It can also be used as a dining table with a storage container underneath.
  • Dining area: An open-concept kitchen with dining area transitions seamlessly from a culinary area to a dining area with a built-in sofa set around a sizable table. When hosting, the counter can be used as a spread for appetizers, and many guests can gather at the banquet.
  • A stylish yet functional island: The bold and attractive island with its large storage container doubles as a countertop and covers part of the kitchen.
  • Built-in Appliances: Once you’ve incorporated amazingly designed built-in appliances into the kitchen, you’re done with kitchen utensils.

Karmahree Interio – the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata has designed so many open kitchens for homeowners throughout Kolkata. So If you want a new kitchen design, contact us today.

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