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Karmashree in the past few years has expanded its business lasting a strong impression in the Interior Decoration sector of Kolkata. Now esteemed as the best Interior Designing Site in the city, Karmashree is motivated in working harder. Karmashree’s purpose is not achieved until and unless clients are satisfied with every nook and corner of their Home, Office or other professional and personal spaces. Customers are well informed and asked for their authorization at each and every step of the work.

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Some of our Clients

Their Feedback

I really wanna thank you guys for such efficient work. I mean from clearing all the doubts to suggesting the best for my home designing, you guys have been so understanding. The outlook you have given me is really awesome. I am really very happy with the whole experience.
Bikash Anand
Well, I would say they are the best Interior Designers in Kolkata. I have had encountered work of other Interior Designers before but have never been convinced enough. The choice of quality furniture with the best setup. All thanks to your team. Keep up shining.
S. Mitra
They make the best in your budget, truly. I haven’t seen such procedure of work anywhere else. I was actually in doubt of what kind of output they would give me in my range. But they genuinely adjust stuff magically. My whole family is so happy. Credit goes to you guys.
Mr. N. Nath

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