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Privacy Policies

The topmost priority of Karmashree has been the satisfaction of the client regarding their very own space. Here in Karmashree, we believe in innovation and creativity following all the procedures essential for the safety of the owner. Every Company has its own Privacy Policy necessary to safeguard the vision of the company and wellbeing of the clients. Keeping in mind, the convenience of the ordinary, Karmashree, as one of the Best Interior Designing Companies, poses a rather tender policy to comfort the clients with a cozy deal.

Regarding the Interior Work:

✅ Karmashree stands as the guarantee for the quality of each and every product that is sold to you and used in your interior. All our products are guaranteed by our manufacturer and insured by Karmashree. Your satisfaction with our products is our utmost concern and we aspire to not to let the client leave any complaint on our service.
✅ Any and every demand from the client side should be conveyed to the company in a documented manner to Karmashree interio.
✅ Information regarding the Interior Features :

  • We give Century Laminates of 0.8mm
  • Electrical Lights, Strip Lights are not included in the deal.
  • Slab cutting, Moulding Marble is not included in the deal.
  • Charges for Handle is Rs. 100 per piece.

✅ The timeline of the expected completion of the project will be followed unless some unnatural causes like non availability of materials or accidents in site interrupt in the process.
Happy customers make us happy. Karmashree takes great care in ensuring that every piece of furniture that we manufacture and sell meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Regarding the Charges
✅ GST is not registered in the package.
✅ We receive payment in three steps. First, 50% of the entitled amount need to be paid in advance (necessary for us to avail the materials). Second, next payment would require 45% of the total, to be paid before installation of the entire project. Third and final, 5% remaining of the total can be paid on the Handing over of our Service to You.
For example, if the project amount is 40000/- then First payment would be 20000/- Second Payment would consist 18000/- and the remaining 2000/- can be paid in the final time of handover.
✅ The entitled rates are subjected to change only if there is major change in the drawings and designs at a later stage. It will be with prior information to client.
✅ Drinking water and Electricity Supply will be in the client’s scope during the tenure of progress of work.
✅ Each item in the estimate describes it’s character and quality. Any changes in its character or changes apart from provided design will be charged extra accordingly.
✅ Any additional item, if approved/ requested during execution is added, then the additional cost has to be paid immediately as per payment T & C.

Privacy Regarding the Website
✅  Like every other website, we use the data in log files that includes information like your IP Address, ISP, Browser and the last time you visited the webpage.
✅ We use cookies to just store information on your personal preferences.
✅  Your personal information data is secured to us.
✅  A third party service only which we use like GoogleAdsense may also be able to know your preferences as per sales. But your personal data remains protected.

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