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Vastu Shastra

Your ultimate goal to plan your house is to bring happiness and prosperity in the space you live. Be it a Garish, Flashy Villa with Vivid Grandeur in extensive spaces or just a Decent Functionally Reasonable Site; design, layouts, coloring, furnishing  don’t only have impact just over the outlook but also the spirituality and proficiency in your life. The Elementary Structure of your house can generate a specific type of energy that shall drive somewhat positive or negative vibe to the mental, physical and financial health of your family. Thus the choice of right Elementary Structure is important.

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Vastu Science

Vastu Shastra or Vastu Science is an Ancient Indian Guideline for your home designing that can enhance positive energy right from the entrance of a house to the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoors and courtyard.

All of you may not be well known about Vastu but can have encountered with its norms at some point of your life. There is a reason why Vastu Shastra is called science and not a theory. It contains some Fundamental Principles that turn out to be Practically Effective in your daily living.

Karmashree is committed not to overlook any possible Interior Designing process to make your home what you desire it to be.  Designing, Layout, Measurement, Space Management, Ground Preparation all are inclusive to the basic laws of Vastu Science.

Etymologically, Vastu means Dwelling. Vastu Science takes in the various forms of energy that exist within Universe and studies on functioning them for a Healthy Dwelling. The 5 fundamental elements of energy – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky have power to radiate positive force if combined in a balanced proportion altogether. The Physical World itself follows Geometric Progression. Thus the space you have should be constructed following a successfully tethered space analysis.

Efficient teams of the best interior designer – Karmashree Interio are very much acquainted with the Dos and Don’ts for a healthy living. A few number of walls or some classy furniture and bright lighting don’t complete your home. It’s the effort given by you and your family. So, its important that your house generate the suitable form of energy for the functional purpose of your house members.

Vastu Science possesses the absolute basic norms to channelize your action in the right direction with the right energy. Like, the main door of your house should be constructed with superior quality wood, best if faced north, opening clockwise inside; bedroom walls are mostly favored to get painted with neutral or earthy shades to radiate positive energy; sink and stove in kitchen must never situate side by side; right process of choosing a gardening area with significant plants – Happy Bamboo, Jade Terrarium etc. these guidelines assure a harmony between your living space and natural ambience.

Sometimes, your house may have unchangeable orientation not suitable for the perfect Vastu ambience. But as diseases can be cured, so can the oppositional forces be ruled out with correct judgment of format while designing your interior.

Karmashree – best interior designer in Kolkata is not irritated in working harder. So, even if you have your own additional set of beliefs and principles you can happily approach us to work on that without causing any drawback in the befitted outlook of your home.

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